Take Back Your Health!

The Key to Life is Balance...

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You've probably heard the statement 'The key to life is balance' a few times but have you ever looked at whether you are balancing the right things?

'Thee Balance' is the ultimate monthly subscription that helps you to balance the 3 most important keys of life. 



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For as little as £15 you can make sure that you are checking these three off Monthly!

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I am giving away to a lucky set of people a complimentary copy of a snapshot of my life's work. 'Take Back Your Health' is a practical guideline to 7 key steps that help you take back control over your health by caring for yourself naturally.

It is about time that we start reclaiming our health and get our energy and our lives back. If you're struggling to be your ideal weight; maintain a healthy diet; constantly sick or  tired then you're in the right place. Maybe you've already tried everything under the sun and it seems like you're stuck. 

Wait no more, This ebook will set yourself free from the chain of those few extra pounds or those constant doctor visits and more!

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*Limited Time Only

In this course, Anisa Kissoon not only shares her passion and extensive expertise by breaking down the key elements to a holistic way of life, but she also takes you through your own personal health journey to help discover your health realities.


She highlights how to use practices in the course to help alter your lifestyle by encouraging you to take a personal responsibility for your health and most importantly, to make small steady steps towards a healthier life daily.

'Take Back Your Health with 7 Easy Steps'

The Ultimate Holistic, Natural, Tailor-made Health Course. 


"I can honestly say, I have felt like a completely different person from just 1 session with the beautiful Anisa. Thanks to God, I feel so much better, mentally and physically. I can’t wait to see what happens in our next session. This has totally changed my life and mindset."

~ Saira (Mayfair, England)