About the Founder 

"I would like to begin by praising and thanking God the Almighty, without whom nothing is possible. I regard my life as one of privilege, a life which I try to lead, in a natural and healthy lifestyle, by example. From every method learnt, to every detox advised, to every plant recommended, they have all been tried and tested, most importantly, by myself and my family. I make it my mission to only advise based on experience and success, as doing otherwise would be insincere of me. My journey to a healthy lifestyle required an overhaul of everything I knew; I homeschooled my children, and taught myself to rethink my conception of ‘health’ - as understood by modern day. I have travelled, studied ancient techniques, met with experts in the field and sought their advice - all in the name of gaining knowledge at first-hand."

Anisa’s experience goes even deeper than her travels, which first inspired her holistic, yet versatile teaching methods in health and fitness. In particular, Anisa spearheaded the campaign for hijama to be accredited in the UK, and campaigned to local communities to break their dependency on medicines and other forms of drugs. After many years, she successfully introduced wet and dry cupping therapy through her company, ‘Natural Health, Nature’s Finest’. Her campaign was a success, and she got hijama, as a practice, certified in 2006. The service has benefited thousands globally since. In 2013, Anisa’s company offered the world’s first ever accredited ‘hijama therapy’ and ‘hijama therapy blood analyst’ courses. She was also the first person to appear in Western media to talk about hijama therapy and its benefits.  


Anisa began her fitness career as a fitness instructor and then a P.E. teacher working in a number of schools across the UK. However, as she delved deeper into her passion for health, fitness, entrepreneurship and travel, she developed her own form of certified fitness, ‘Rakha’. Rakha can be practiced anywhere and by anyone, and has passed all the relevant safety checks. She has travelled extensively, within the UK, to provide lectures on health and fitness, run classes and workshops, and still provides personal training services to adults and children across the UK. 

At Mayya, our job is to help you independently balance all areas of your life and to teach you how to work with your current surroundings to become the best version of yourself, but also to create a community of likeminded individuals who, like droplets of water become a sea of health influencers and world changers.

In our modern age, we have been over saturated with information regarding our health, experts over the years have complicated an area which is very simple. Here at Mayya we focus on creating a natural holistic health platform to empower people to heal themselves physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally using nature, it's vast tools and ancient practice's. With knowledge comes a great level of power, by giving people knowledge on health we are giving them back the power to control their lives.