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Students Review 

Mayya Holistic Health Retreat October 2020

7 Steps to Transform your Health


It was an extraordinary experiencing attending Mayya’s Holistic Health Retreat. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with Anisa was just enlightening. Her wealth of knowledge and passion for wellbeing is both praiseworthy and contagious.


I loved her teaching style as it was not only in the classroom setting but at every opportunity, on our walks, earthing in the sun and whilst sitting at the dinning table eating delicious food.


The space, stillness and relaxed ambience gave the Retreat an authentic sanctuary feel. I enjoyed the quite time and was encouraged to journal, which helped me to reflect, make the right intentions and take time for gratitude.

My Health Wheel and self worth questionnaires scores were quite low and incomplete at the beginning of the retreat. However, by the end of the course I felt transformed with a positive mental attitude and a remarkable change in my health goals


I sincerely thank you Anisa for your caring support, guidance and an expansive experience.


Khadijah Abdurrahman - UK