About the Project

Mayya and Chariots for Children are working together to help raise donations to change the lives of orphans and widows.

'HEAL' is an eco-friendly project that focuses on building sustainable communities that aim to heal and educate humanity.

'Instead of simply raising money to provide for them, we aim to educate them with skills that will empower them to be self-sustainable. Orphans and widows will be taught skills such as Beekeeping, where they learn how to produce honey; Shepherding, to teach them about responsibility and to provide meat and wool; Water well building, an essential aliment of life; Agriculture, where they will also learn to grow food and herbs, such as Nigella sativa to produce Black Seed Oil and Tree Planting, to help the environment, for food and building materials. 

They will learn various other survival skills including construction and trade in order to make a decent living from their skills. 

We will begin this journey to healing the world with Indonesia and Turkey, which are known to have some of the largest numbers of orphans refugees worldwide, with 3 million Syrian refugees in Turkey alone. We have leased land in Turkey and Indonesia for two years in order to bring about this project,

However, we need your help to bring this project to life. Our aim is to buy the land and if this pilot goes well, we can replicate this model in other parts of the world.

Full Orphan/Widow sponsorship is only 30 pounds a month 

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Our team working hard everyday to get the land prepared for agriculture 

Our land in Turkey